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The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Throughout the years, with cultural advancements and changes in technology as well as medical advances, people have become dependent on doctors, prescribed medicines and the health care system to help with the common ailments that are being experienced. A simple lifestyle change could do the trick, as well as looking into alternative therapies for stress management, nutrition and activity. 


Conventional modern medicine diagnoses and treats a specific condition, whereas a wellness lifestyle focuses on a complete change by education, introducing self-awareness and prevention. A wellness lifestyle will not treat a disorder but it will look at the cause of the disorder and the symptoms. By addressing the cause, and not just the symptoms, we are not masking them, we are assisting the body to heal itself. The body will take time to heal the cause of a disease. 


The body needs the support and right tools to enable it to do what it is supposed to do. The body is designed to heal itself and one of the most amazing aspects of the human body is its ability to heal itself. Trillions of cells in the human body work to achieve equilibrium, keeping us at, or continuously bringing us back to a natural balance, should the body be out of balance. 

Internal balance is what is referred to as homeostasis.


The 8 Dimensions of Wellness:


Emotional wellness

Keeping positive in life’s situations, showing thankfulness and gratitude for what life throws at us, learning from our mistakes and helping others or accepting help when we need are methods in achieving emotional wellness. 


Environmental wellness

Respecting where we live, and interacting with nature, recycling and becoming aware of the natural resources the planet provides for us, and the best ways to conserve those resources help in achieving environmental wellness. Ensure to take a few minutes every day to get some fresh air, appreciate the area you have around you, and top up on those vitamin D levels. 


Financial wellness 

Financial stress is one of the biggest stress factors and comes with poor planning. Successfully managing your money by keeping track of expenses, making a budget, and sticking to financial responsibilities can ease this burden. As soon as a financial burden arises, address the issue, and find a solution. Keep records of money spent, and plan on your budgets. Make sure you are putting away savings for a rainy day and not living paycheck to paycheck. 


Intellectual wellness 

Creativity is the key to success. Finding a creative hobby allows you to expand your creative side and exposes you to share knowledge and learn from others. Traveling is a great way to learn about other cultures and experience different lifestyles. Be open minded to learning and listening to what others have to say. 


Occupational wellness 

Many hours of your day, week, month and year are spent in your chosen career. Your profession should give you personal satisfaction and enrich your life. Pursue opportunities and a career that you enjoy most. Consider a volunteer position too, that allows you to assist others, which could bring you joy and fulfillment. 


Physical wellness 

Not only does exercise play a very important role in the health of our bodies, but it is also a great stress reliever, and allows for the release of endorphins. Be active for at least 30 minutes a day, eating a balanced healthy diet, and getting enough rest for the body. 


Social wellness

The people you spend your time around should encourage you and help you in your quest for living a healthy well-balanced life. It is very important to make the effort to keep in touch, a phone call, a letter or a message goes a long way in showing social support. If possible, if your hobby involves a group or could involve a group activity, join a club to meet others. 


Spiritual wellness 

No matter what you believe in, spiritual wellness can be defined through various factors like your religious faith, your life values, ethics and morals, that are either taught to you or gained through life experiences. Be sure to take the time to learn from your life experiences and explore if you are a little more curious. 


The different lifestyle choices we make on an everyday basis affect the overall health of the body. Considering the 8 dimensions to incorporating the wellness lifestyle into our daily lives, we learned about what it can take to achieve inner wellness and considered alternate therapy that we could include to achieve inner balance and overall body wellness. 

Here is a bonus challenge for you: 

Document your daily routines, diets, activity and relaxation techniques to see where you can better your lifestyle. 


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