1:1 Coaching


If you’re ready to create change in your life, working with me 1:1 is a great place to start. I will provide you with a safe space to uncover limiting beliefs and negative patterns, set positive intentions in your rehabilitation journey, as well as personalized support, accountability and strategies to help support you in achieving your life goals.

I use the InnerLifeSkills® technique that will help empower you to find your own inner solutions to your inner obstacles and re-align with what is truly important to you. This technique taps into the powerful concepts of Intuition (inner wisdom, speaking from and listening to your centre); Wholeness (stopping the inner war and moving to inner peace) and Purpose (unlocking the crucial difference between doing and being).

1:1 coaching with me isn’t just another pep talk. It is a toolbox of transformation. After we uncover what has really been holding you back from living the life you desire, I will provide a supportive framework for you to have the real life breakthrough you need. As our sessions progress, we will explore tools and action steps you can take to apply your new insights. I will hold you accountable so you do not fall back into any old patterns.


You have been going through the motions and settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living. You know that there could be more, and you are always thinking, “Maybe I willl be happy when…’. Meanwhile, your life just seems to be passing you by.

Every day you choose to remain stuck, and stagnant, is a day that you will never get back. It does not have to be that way. You can find the clarity, confidence, and courage you have been seeking. You do not have to be a victim of your circumstances. I overcame my internal struggles and you can too. I want to help you do it.

You have a choice- you can choose to make the rest of your life, the best of your life OR you can choose to continue wandering aimlessly as life passes you by, just another cog in the wheel. But know this: either way you have a choice.

I hope you choose to change your story because I am rooting for you.


Are you striving to achieve a more healthier, balanced lifestyle?

Do you feel like something is missing in your life but you are not sure exactly what it is?

Are you ready to take control of your life and become more confident and fulfilled?

Do you want freedom from self-doubt, limiting beliefs and fear?


Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy or change your lifestyle, a health coach motivates individuals to make changes and feel their best. Relationships, exercise, career choices, spirituality are factors that are just as important to your health as what you eat and yet the current system fails to address them. 




  • Weekly private and confidential 60 minute phone, video or in person (local to Houston, Tx) coaching sessions with unlimited email correspondence in between sessions
  • I use traditional coaching methods combined with guided visualizations, mindfulness, EFT, NLP and InnerLifeSkills® to help you find clarity, increase your confidence, become more centered, and develop a stronger connection to your authentic self. Once you have applied some of these techniques, you may start loving your new life and the renewed energy you have for your day. You might see that you are able to achieve your goals better, manage your time, have a more positive outlook on life and your lifestyle is more active.

REMEMBER- This is not the time to stagnate. Everyone needs support sometimes, and I would love to be a part of your support system. I will guide you to move beyond whatever is holding you back from living your very best, balanced and up leveled life.



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Most frequent questions and answers

I became a life coach (specifically a Mindset + Health & Lifestyle Coach) because I want to help others realize their worth, build their self-confidence and improve their health so that they do not have to go through the same struggles I went through. By working with me my clients can go on to have a vision for who it is that they want to become and what they would like to create in the world.

I live, work and play in Houston, Texas, but (thanks to the wonder of technology) I can work with clients all over the world.

Yes. The live events will be held on a yearly basis and more information will be available to clients once retreats resume.

Since every client is different, I typically work with my clients for 12 weeks to 1 year. With the methods and techniques I use, this is usually enough time to help them get unstuck.


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My favorite book is the Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo. I also love The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (I often recommend both of these books to any and everyone).