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Redefine Your Dining Room With This Simple Checklist

Looking for a quick fix that encourages everyone to slow down, sit and enjoy a meal in a relaxed way? If you have 15 minutes, you’ll want to try this…


Move those papers– consider the old newspapers you picked out from the mailbox, that no one has read in ages. If you’re still thinking about reading them, arrange them into piles. What about your laptop? Grab it and move it all off the table. There’s no time to go through everything and decide what goes where, so just get it all out of sight by putting papers in a file folder or desk drawer to tackle later.


Arrange the chairs– if there was any greater pet peeve of mine, it would be halfway pulled-out chairs. They look messy. Pushing in chairs after eating and making sure they’re the right distance apart from each other give off a neat, elegant look and the appearance that you totally have your life together even if you don’t right now.


Put out placemats– a simple move like arranging place mats around the table give it a polished look in a flash.

If you have 1 hour, you’ll want to try this…


Divide your dishes– separate your tableware into everyday and special occasions. Your everyday ware needs to be easy to see, easy to grab and restocked after cleaning. The special stuff, like your “fine china” can go in the high cabinets or a showy display. Spend time adjusting the shelves. If you move them closer, you can probably store more items in. Can’t move the shelves? Add helper shelves or risers.


Do a drawer or two– take inventory of your drawers or cabinet and ask yourself if you’re using the spaces efficiently. If you weren’t sure what a drawer was holding before you opened it, chances are, you probably aren’t.

If you have a weekend, try this…


Get at that china– look through what you have and inspect it for any missing or broken pieces. Lay out all your china on the floor or dining room table so that you can see everything at once. Make a wish list of all the things that you need, and get rid of everything else that doesn’t fit. Be sure to wash everything before you wrap it up and put it away.


Do the same with linens– go through your linens and look for stains and any yellowing. Send large or more precious items off to the dry cleaner. Wash the little items on your own, such as napkins, and place mats. Use binder clips to hold together linen sets before storing them in a drawer or on a shelf.

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a fattened ox and hatred with it. (Proverbs 15:17)

**Erica weaves themes of transformative hope and grace-filled leadership into everything she shares on her blog. She’s an author, a speaker, and a life coach, who offers honest encouragement and road-tested wisdom about topics ranging from leadership and lifestyle, to discovering your God-crafted identity, design, and purpose.

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