I love to write. Writing has always been my passion. There’s something magical about having my thoughts down in writing, and sharing it with the world or in this case, with you. I was once an open book, sharing myself with the world. I learned that doing so can put me in a very vulnerable position when sharing with the wrong people. Those lessons helped me in the evolution and maturity of my communication and self-expression.


I grew up reading lots of books, although not ones I’d particularly pick out at this point in my life. One of my favorite things to say, is that “we learn to unlearn and then re-learn”. When I think back to my childhood days, I can appreciate the luxury I must have had to have been exposed to those literary materials. They helped me build a foundation, where writing would become integrated to form what I now consider storytelling, because where I come from, books are considered a luxury.


As a kid, you’d have been more likely to find me flicking through the pages of dusty old literature, spread out evenly across our family living room shelf or scattered on my mother’s bedroom nightstand table. I liked to eavesdrop on adult conversations and peek my head through the living room door to sneak a peek of my parents’ TV choices, then running up to my room and writing all about it. I have owned a journal each year since I was 16.


Storytelling is my elixir. It allows me to weave worlds together and create something out of nothing. I do not come from a line of storytellers or word weavers. I have had to find my own way of expression and while I am not quite the talkative, I found that I write better than I speak. If you want to know how I truly feel, ask me to write you a letter.


Creation is my natural state of being. When I am not creating, I can feel myself shutting down inside. Writing is my own version of self-care, and there is nothing I love more than decoding the mystical, the magical, the artistic and the nebulous.

I love questioning the old, the new, the real and the perceived. I like to play in the field of possibilities, and surrender to the unknown, the unseen, and the uncharted.


This is my natural state of being. Contributing to the expansion of hearts, minds, and souls and bridging the gap between what we think and feel, and know.

If you are ready to dive deep into exploring the labyrinths of my world, then join me as I share more expansive labyrinths of beauty, freshness, growth, knowledge and wisdom with you through my writing, right here on my own personal blog.

And just in case you were wondering, here are some categories my blog will cover: 


Health & Fitness (i.e. Diet advice/plans, workout routines, workout techniques, supplements)

Finance (i.e. Money management, Investing, Saving advice, Stock markets)

Politics (i.e. Current affairs, Opinion pieces, Social justice/Social work)

Parenting (i.e. Parenting advice, Child-friendly activities, Food/Nutrition guidance, Education)

Business  & Entrepreneurship (i.e. Industry related news and insights, Business advice, Product or Service Information, Business announcements)

Personal/Creative (i.e. Life experiences, Daily life, Writing, Photography, Vlogs, Recipes)

News (i.e. Localized, News sharing, Opinion pieces, Politics, Technology, Religion, Science, Spirituality)

Pet (i.e. Pet care, Grooming, Pet Food, Training, Fostering)

Do-it-Yourself or DIY (i.e. Arts and Crafts, DIY tips and tricks, DIY hacks)

This is a homing call for the ready and willing. 

Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams?